Case Studies

Real stories from real CSI Leasing customers.

CSI has helped thousands of organizations reduce the costs, risks and hassles of using equipment. Here are a few examples:

How Leasing Beat the Cloud in Cost and Efficiency

This company was leasing a few storage devices and servers from CSI, but their enterprise software, the backbone of the organization, was run in the cloud. In addition to the cost of the cloud-based solution, the company often ran into customer service issues. Choosing to lease their own internal cloud solution saved them time and money.

Streamlining Processes from Start to Finish

CSI Leasing Customer Leading food service management and support services company Operations include vending and office coffee solutions, restaurants, corporate cafes, schools and arenas Equipment located in 50 states The Problem With technology deployed in all 50 states, the company relied on …

From Chaos to Control: Transforming Technology Lease Management

By using several technology lessors, this IT department found itself in asset management chaos. Hundreds of assets were acquired each month, using multiple lessors and monthly contracts with each. The purchasing process was a paperwork nightmare, requiring several employees to focus on little but lease management.

Leasing Technology Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

By choosing to lease its PCs and laptops directly from the captive finance arm of the manufacturer, this $600 million company believed it had found the most convenient solution for its technology leasing needs.

Choosing Leasing for Compliance with Disposal Laws

Most organizations have concerns about protecting data when disposing computers. This large healthcare group, governed by HIPAA, was no exception.

Lease Rates ‘Too Good to Be True’ Should Be a Red Flag

CSI recently won the leasing business for a $5 million PC and laptop installation. Our competition was the vendor’s own leasing unit, who quoted a very competitive lease rate. So competitive, in fact, the customer thought the decision was simple. At first.

A Study in Global Technology Leasing

The primary reason this company leases technology is to stay current. A cornerstone of their competitive advantage lies in the ability to quickly compute complicated data and statistical analysis.

Alabama School District’s Dream Accomplished

All school administrators want their students to have the best learning experience possible. Today, that means having a certain level of technology in the classroom. But for most districts, there is a constant barrier to making this a reality – budget constraints.