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Many law firms choose to lease technology because it complements their business model. It’s an easy way to ensure new technology is always in place and to maintain predictable cash flow. For the legal industry, the question isn’t whether or not to lease, it’s which leasing company is right for your firm. More often than not, the answer is easily CSI. In fact, of the top 100 U.S. law firms that lease with an independent, one-third of them choose CSI. Why do so many of the top firms lease with us?

  • We are fair and flexible. Many of our competitors have punitive return policies and nickel and dime at the end of the lease. Not CSI. We see having a fair returns process as a way to gain repeat business. Our contract is fair, transparent and easy to understand.
  • We have extensive bank relationships. CSI works with more than 40 banks throughout the U.S., making it easy for you to build stronger relationships with your bank partners.
  • We keep client data safe. Since CSI owns all of its return processing facilities, law firms can rest assured knowing their data, along with their client’s data, is safe. All hard drives are wiped according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Anything that can’t be wiped is destroyed. We also offer onsite data destruction for the most enhanced data security.

Watch how CSI helps one customer with the financial management of his law firm’s technology infrastructure.

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